I should be in London right now meeting my niece and preparing to go with her family to India tonight. I’m not. It’s probably the right thing. That doesn’t make it any easier.   So, where do manifestation and reality coincide and how do you get to the right place? Honestly, I have no idea. […]

What to do?

Blog #2- Figuring out how to make things work   So, I quit my full-time gig back in November 2014 to become a massage therapist. November was all about setting things up and December was fantastic. I did a “give to get” campaign and gave away free half hour gift certificates with the option to […]

First blog

Fords Theatre in Washington, DC is where I have worked most of the last 7 years as a theatrical electrician. I worked my way into the assistant electrician position and enjoyed putting up amazing shows and running the followspot. It’s also where the germination of a different me, and a different life, began. As a […]