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I worked as a theatrical electrician for 20 years; that’s someone who works behind the scenes in theaters and concert halls making the lights and sound and sets happen. I traveled the world and met many interesting people and did all sorts of cool things, like meeting my husband. Then things started changing; it’s amazing what a family does! I moved into the healing profession starting in 2010; it was something that had been in the back of my head for quite some time.


The deciding factor that created the change was my family. I wanted to start being home on evenings and weekends, which, if you think about it, is when all theater shows and concerts happen. My mother had been the main source of childcare for quite a few years and she deserved to start being a Grandma. My husband suggested starting with massage. He said I was already good at it and it was something that people needed and probably a good start for anything I wanted to pursue. I found a program that did most of the anatomy and physiology online with a 5 week hands on intensive the summer of 2011 in Colorado. That allowed me to continue working full time and still achieve my goals. Once I finished, I found out Maryland didn’t quite accept everything I had done, so I had to spend a couple more years retaking and supplementing at Anne Arundel Community College. Finally, in 2013, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maryland!


In 2014, while looking for continuing education courses, I found Dr. Carol Phillips, DC in Cape St Claire. I went through her entire training in Dynamic Body Balancing and it changed my entire outlook on the body. Energy was something I believed in whole-heartedly, never even imaging it was something I would or could work with myself. Now I feel that I couldn’t help even half as much as I do without tapping into that life force that each of us has within.


Adding on to Dr. Carol’s training, I am adding Upledger’s Cranial Sacral courses and exploring Somatics, which addresses the emotions and trauma that we store within us. Anger and grief are both emotions that we, as Americans, often bottle up inside causing all sorts of physical, emotional, and neurological conundrums.


I love learning and I love combining the things I learn to create a session that tailors to what each individual is currently experiencing. I am working now on the idea of creating a health-coaching program that combines the use of massage with specific eating habits based in Ayurveda, and resistance stretching so that we can learn to know our bodies rather than just live in them. Imagine how amazing our lives could be when our stomachs, brains, muscles, and nerves all work together happily. I want that for each and every one of us.

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