I read an article recently about monotasking.   Doing one thing at a time. I like the idea. I relish the thought of not bothering to look at my phone each time it buzzes. Starting and finishing a task, I’m not sure I know how to do that. Now, granted, this is […]

What do people thank you for?

People thank me for touching them. I seem to have the gift of connecting, be it mentally, emotionally, or physically. I started the company Balanced Being in order to find ways to share this gift. My journey began with the physical, because it is seemed the most accessible. Physically meaning through touch from my hands […]

Can you change?

  I find myself feeling angry about the lack of personal responsibility in the world. How can we change the world for the better when we can’t even take responsibility for our own lives? Our emotions, health, jobs, positions… We blame others, our circumstances, the weather, anything to not put the onus upon the shoulders […]

About me blog

My Story-   I worked as a theatrical electrician for 20 years; that’s someone who works behind the scenes in theaters and concert halls making the lights and sound and sets happen. I traveled the world and met many interesting people and did all sorts of cool things, like meeting my husband. Then things started […]


I should be in London right now meeting my niece and preparing to go with her family to India tonight. I’m not. It’s probably the right thing. That doesn’t make it any easier.   So, where do manifestation and reality coincide and how do you get to the right place? Honestly, I have no idea. […]

What to do?

Blog #2- Figuring out how to make things work   So, I quit my full-time gig back in November 2014 to become a massage therapist. November was all about setting things up and December was fantastic. I did a “give to get” campaign and gave away free half hour gift certificates with the option to […]

First blog

Fords Theatre in Washington, DC is where I have worked most of the last 7 years as a theatrical electrician. I worked my way into the assistant electrician position and enjoyed putting up amazing shows and running the followspot. It’s also where the germination of a different me, and a different life, began. As a […]