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Fords Theatre in Washington, DC is where I have worked most of the last 7 years as a theatrical electrician. I worked my way into the assistant electrician position and enjoyed putting up amazing shows and running the followspot. It’s also where the germination of a different me, and a different life, began. As a stagehand, I get the opportunity to watch what goes on behind the scenes of every show and I started to notice the differences in people. Why were stagehands usually so grumpy? What was the difference between the actors who get lots of roles and the ones who didn’t? The pattern that emerged seemed to revolve around health. The healthier the person was, the happier they tended to be, and the more they got what they wanted in life.

So, I looked at stagehands- they work ridiculous hours, sometimes 80 or more hours in a week, they have no set schedule, do incredibly physical and heavy work that taxes their bodies, and generally go to the local tavern for burgers, fries, and a beer or a soda for lunch and dinner. How could they possibly feel good? Thus, I began my own experiment. I started meditating regularly thanks to Jillian and Michael of New York Meditation Center. ( I would meditate for 20 minutes at the start of lunch then eat much healthier food that I brought from home. When I had to work long days where I was there through both meals I would take the first 20 minutes of dinner for a bit of yoga. It also helped that a little organic deli opened near the theater for the days I didn’t bring two meals from home. Lo and behold, I started to feel better. My skin cleared up, I lost a little weight, and I started appreciating life more and becoming a happier person.

Jump forward a bit and I decided I wanted to figure out how to share this with other people. I have always been a touchy feely person and often gave out shoulder massages for stressed out, sore friends. Why not take it a step further? I went to school to become a massage therapist. Online classes, 6 week intensives, summer school around the theater’s schedule and in 2013 I was officially a licensed massage therapist in the state of Maryland. A year later I was ready to make the jump and gave up my position as the assistant electrician. So, here I am, a budding massage therapist, who is also discovering movement therapy, energy therapy, and nutrition. I have my own business in a studio off my home and also rent a space in a chiropractor’s office. The theater is fantastic and is happy to have me come work sometimes to pay my bills. The thing is, I need to learn how to make this business happen. I need to get the website up, I need to market well, I need to figure out what my target market truly is, and more that I don’t even know yet. I’m using this opportunity to start a blog about my journey to create wellness and learn how to run a business. Thanks to Scott Dinsmore for that one. My long-term goal is a fantastic wellness center. My short-term goal is to reach people who are ready to ignite the spark within. The spark that lights their way to understanding they, themselves, are in charge of their own health, happiness, present, and future. We all have the ability to change our lives, we just have to start. All it takes is one moment at a time, one habit at a time and suddenly we can change our world.


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