Magic hands and energy

Heather puts me back together. She has magic hands and energy. I live with chronic pain, Heather’s Intuition and skill are a gift that she shares with healing others. I am thrilled to have found her. –Kathleen


Heather is gifted with her skills, talent and understanding of the human body. I have a body that functions better because of Heather. –Mary

Heather is the best!

You will feel so much better. Heather is the best. She has a very calming aura and knows exactly what you need. And she’s fine with asking if what she’s doing is good for you. It’s easy to be honest with her. No-one would ever regret going to her! Love her!

Positive impact

I especially liked that Heather made comments as she performed the treatment. She is enthusiastic and friendly. All the work that’s been done so far has had a positive impact. –Joyo

Relief for pain

I recently visited Heather mainly to seek relief for my back and hip pain. The atmosphere in her studio was peaceful, calm and relaxing. I left feeling like I could run a marathon! –Suzanne