What do people thank you for?

People thank me for touching them. I seem to have the gift of connecting, be it mentally, emotionally, or physically. I started the company Balanced Being in order to find ways to share this gift. My journey began with the physical, because it is seemed the most accessible. Physically meaning through touch from my hands to someone’s body. Physically finding the places that hurt, that need attention, that have gotten stuck and trying to figure out how to let those spots speak to me and tell me what they need.

Perhaps it all comes down to listening. I love to listen. I like to hear people and I want to hear what is happening. It really doesn’t matter how the communication occurs, I can listen to people speak, I can touch them and listen to their bodies, I am learning to be near them and listen to their energies. There’s so many ways for a person to speak. I’m finding that sometimes it’s really hard for people to communicate. So, how do I hold the space, make it safe, allow them a place where they want to speak, feel, communicate?

That’s what is so frustrating about this business right now. I refer to myself as a massage therapist. I’m not really that. Bodyworker, maybe? Healer? That still feels presumptuous to say. How does one market oneself as a whole body listener?

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