What to do?

Blog #2-

Figuring out how to make things work


So, I quit my full-time gig back in November 2014 to become a massage therapist. November was all about setting things up and December was fantastic. I did a “give to get” campaign and gave away free half hour gift certificates with the option to upgrade to an hour. I got lots of people in, yahoo! Now, I was not very good at following up, entering emails, asking if they wanted another appointment, and so forth, so I ended up flat for January and February.

Here I am at the beginning of March, I did another half hour free campaign that worked, although not as well as in December and I’m at the end of the saved up money wondering what to do. My old job wants me back as much as possible, but that precludes being able to do massage as often as I feel I should.

The solution I seem to keep coming to involves an integration of the two jobs. I have a few days that I offer massages and a few days that I try to get stagehand work. That gives me the consistency I need for the massage business and the opportunity to earn a little more money to make ends meet while my business progresses. I think I will do massages on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and every other Saturday. The other job can be Sunday-Monday and Thursday-Friday. Thursday and Friday could also be used for marketing, classes, and volunteering for the massage. It feels workable. Hopefully everything lines up to help make this happen. J

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